VPS Hosting

VPS hosting or also known as Virtual private server web hosting is a technology, which is based on partitioning of physical machine or server into innumerable virtual servers. VPS web hosting has gained immense popularity recently because each of these virtual servers act as independent dedicated server thereby running its own operating system. Each of the virtual servers depends solely on its server resources such as CPU and RAM and these are not shared with the others. Another advantage with VPS hosting is that it can also be rebooted separately.


VPS Hosting Featured Plan
Monthly Cost $59.99/month
Setup fee Free
Free Control Panel cPanel UNLIMITED domains
Plesk 100 domains
Disk storage 300 GB
Guaranteed RAM 512 MB
Monthly Transfer 750 GB
Unlimited domain hosting Yes
Unlimited reseller accounts Yes
Full root access Yes
Custom nameservers Yes
Operating system CentOS 5
VPS technology Parallels Virtuozzo
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For organizations that would not ideally like to opt for a dedicated server, which may be a more expensive affair, they can easily choose VPS hosting as it guarantees a superior and a quality service and at completely affordable rates. At HostingOnWeb, we certainly do provide cost effective and premium web hosting solutions with complete technical support so that help is readily available when you need it. VPS web hosting is extremely useful and a viable option for businesses and we even understand that your website needs to function smoothly at all times, therefore we offer you 99% online connectivity. We do ensure our customers never face any kind of an issue by providing complete technical assistance and customer support round the clock for our VPS hosting services


VPS hosting is an ideal option for businesses looking to possess a secure network without having to purchase a dedicated server. This does provide a kind of virtual secure server and you can even comfortably host any kind of a website including an e-commerce website because VPS web hosting does promise you a secure environment. It is designed specifically to ease the management of business websites by providing complete control without compromising on quality and affordability and yet providing all the advantages of an independent virtual server. Give your business a technological edge with VPS hosting that guarantees to offer you quality, secure and reliable service at all times. 24x7x365 customer support.


Apart from VPS hosting, we offer cost-effective and highly innovative solutions for all business sizes. Whether you wish to start a new online business or improve your online presence - we can provide a VPS hosting solution that is perfect for you.


Make all the difference to your business by signing up for one of our VPS solutions today!