Dedicated Servers

At Hosting on Web, we offer specialized dedicated server hosting that is designed to offer you a truly superior level of hosting service in terms of scalability, security, uptime and performance. For organizations running multiple large websites drawing huge traffics, then dedicated server hosting does make for an ideal hosting service. This kind of hosting service is ideal if hosting is required for critical websites and we certainly are equipped to provide you this professional website hosting service.


Our dedicated server web hosting service offers you the choice to select from windows dedicated server hosting or linux dedicated server hosting. Depending on specific requirements, you can decide which one would ideally be the best dedicated server hosting for you. Our dedicated server web hosting come with completely equipped pro-active server management and we have round the clock technical experts that help to monitor and maintain your account efficiently. We provide complete technical assistance for your server environment, security hardening, software updates and proper maintenance. In fact our team will help you manage your dedicated server web hosting completely so that you can concentrate on your core business activities.


Our dedicated server hosting comes with a set of advantages including fully managed dedicated server, complete security, extensive server resources and hosting tailored to your exact requirements. We understand you may require dedicated server hosting plans that are extremely flexible and versatile where you get to enjoy a certain level of control while still getting the privilege of a team always attending to your dedicated servers. The team is professional experienced and equipped to handle all the dedicated server hosting issues and concerns and solve them with a short span of time.


Our dedicated server advantages


 Fully managed dedicated server
 Secure and flexible to your needs
 Huge resources for your sites
 Tailored to your exact requirement


Dedicated server web hosting comes with the quintessential infrastructure backup to ensure the criticality of your websites is always maintained and the quality of service is never compromised. This type of hosting is truly a boon for businesses where websites are extremely popular and capable of making a lot of impact. We completely understand the importance of such websites and therefore provide comprehensive dedicated server hosting services.


At Hosting on Web, we offer an extremely flexible dedicated hosting solution for companies and clients who wish to maintain a degree of control and at the same time are fully supported by a dedicated managed web hosting team. Our team is committed to providing 100% network and infrastructure uptime and a highly responsive 24/7/365 technical support on a range of dedicated hosting servers.